Martha Rosenau, Registered Dietitian, and owner of Peak Nutrition, LLC brings more than 23 years experience to her private practice.  She supports her clients in their quest to attain the healthiest diet and lifestyle possible and provides tools and strategies to guide them though life's daily challenges.

Nutrition Services Offered

  • Comprehensive weight management program
  • Customized meal plans
  • Kitchen makeovers
  • Individual and group cooking classes
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Guidance on safe and effective supplement use
  • Initial assessment of your unique health needs and concerns
  • Nutritional analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • Individualized diet instruction and education
  • Support, guidance and solutions to any possible roadblocks to success

Nutritional Programs in Early Sobriety

  • Individual Nutritional Counseling
  • Supervised meals
  • Group nutrition classes

Public Speaking

Martha can create a custom-made presentation about a wide variety of health and nutrition subjects for your organization.  Her previous speaking engagements include:
  • Colorado College: - "Cooking and Meal Planning at School" (NEDA Week)
  • Woodland Park School District - "Reach Your Peak" Conference (keynote speaker)
  • Insight Services - "Fueling Early Recovery"
  • Fountain Valley School - "Eating Right on Campus"
  • Cheyenne Mountain High School - Natural Beauty Day "Feeling Good About Getting Fed"
  • Performance Pediatrics - "Fueling Student Athletes: Eating to Win"
  • Pikes Peak Library District - Employee Wellness Lunch and Learn "Feeding the Entire Family"
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness - "Savvy Supermarket Shopping"
  • Southern Colorado AIDS Project - "Budget Cooking: Maximizing the Food Pantry"
  • Pikes Peak Celiac Sprue Association - "Latest Nutritional Advances in Gastrointestinal Disease"
  • S. CO Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - "Local Dietitians in the Spotlight" and "The Great Licensure Debate"
  • UCCS Dietetics 2013-2014 Class - "Professions in Dietetics"