Trish Rife, age 44

Trish Rife

"One of the most admirable things I found to be true of Martha is that she doesn’t shame people. She never once asked, 'Why are you eating that?'  Rather, she asked, 'May I offer alternative suggestions?' She understands the value and power of nutrition and transferred knowledge to me throughout our sessions. ... I love that she listens to her clients; she empowers us and encourages every step of the way! I’m very proud that I’m currently down 111 pounds in less than 11 months. I feel better than I have in twenty years, but I know I wouldn’t have been this successful without Martha. She helped me view food in a completely different way, searching for the “nutrition” within the food. ... I cannot endorse Peak Nutrition and Martha Rosenau enough. I am truly indebted. "

John Ross, age 83

"I’m very pleased to have almost achieved my weight loss goal.  When we first started I was about 200 pounds and had set a goal of 180 pounds.  I've reset the goal to 175, since I reached 180 about month ago.  I don't have to watch everything I eat and can indulge a little without terrible results.  The weight loss has helped me to control my back discomfort.  I'm down in pant size and have had to update my wardrobe.  I thank you for your guidance and advice.  You have been a blessing.  I have recommended you to others and commented to Dr. Hammerstrom of my results due to you."

Katharine Page, 69 Kilo olympic weightlifter

"Martha has helped me to set and reach a number of performance-related nutritional goals. Her guidance incorporates better food choices, exact portions, and the timing of meals and snacks. This has resulted in improved energy and recovery, and has ultimately allowed me to maintain a competition bodyweight through hard muscle-building training. There's an overwhelming amount of information out there for the athlete to sift through: it has been such an advantage to have a professional guide me through my choices."

The Maegdlin Family, Colorado Springs, CO

"When Martha Rosenau met with us for our first consultation, it was like a breath of fresh air. She didn't give us list of do's and don'ts. She didn't judge us for our less than perfect eating habits. What she did do was ask questions, and then really listen to our answers. Martha came up with reasonable solutions, and balanced an incredible wealth of knowledge with the different needs and understanding of all of us. She made sure that she developed meal and lifestyle plans that were clear and workable for our busy family. I especially appreciated how she followed up with us to make sure we were doing well. With Martha's expertise and caring, we are well on our way to a lifetime of sound nutritional habits that meet the needs and tastes of four very different family members. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Martha."

Jason Wellings, US Field Hockey Goalkeeper

Jason Wellings

"Martha provided me with a fantastic tool in achieving my nutritional targets. Knowledge. She took a great deal of time to explain to me the functions of certain food types. In particular, Martha explained to me the need for protein intake and how this would benefit my recovery after workouts. I have implemented this and have noticed my recovery time decrease.

The information I have been given has helped me control my energy levels and ensure I have the required fuel when I work out or train. It has also helped eliminate the times when I would suddenly feel starving. Psychologically, this also helps me feel more energised and focused on training."

Dr. Ellyn Robinson, American Masters Record Holder USA Weightlifting

"I met Martha through her work with USA Weightlifting. I contacted her and we communicated via phone as well as email. Martha's well-rounded knowledge of nutrition, holistic medicine and sports nutrition is an excellent compliment to any athlete's nutritional needs. After my comprehensive consultation, Martha prepared a meal plan for me in my preparation to drop a weight class. Her communication skills are exemplary. We emailed and talked and found the right options to help me. Martha will guide you through your training and offer her expertise - whether it is to aid recovery, assist with an illness - or to fuel you to get stronger - she is there!"